Ozhibii’igewin | Creative Writing

“landbodymind (in the city of wild onions)”
Nat. Brut., Beyond Resilience: Sick Disabled Realities folio, November 2018.

“Instructions for Growing a Postapocalyptic Love,” and “The Creation Story is a Spaceship”
ANMLY #27, December 2018.

“The Myth of the Atom,” “On Lynxes and Wolves,” and “Abecedarium”
This Magazine, September 2018.

“the art of learning to have a body,” and “Thunder, Wrote the Serpent”
Cloudthroat folio, February 2018.

“Autobiography of an Iceheart”
PRISM International, 2018.

Red Rising Magazine #7, October 2017.

“Squaw Man: A Métis History Lesson / mihkihkwan (hide scraper)”
Queer Indigenous Girl Zine #4, April 2017.

“My Grandmother is Métis History”
Red Rising Magazine, January 2017.

“Sometimes Words Hurt When They Come Out in English”
kimiwan zine #4, September 2013.